Average weight 220g
Size 77 mm
Flesh hardness 8.6 kg/cm2
Brix 15.2° Bx
Acidity 10.2 mEq/100l

Eplì - Buona

Eplì is


Eplì is a fresh crisp apple, the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, crispness and juiciness.
This simple tasty fruit, ideal at any time of day, is grown with passion by over 40 producers in the Piedmont region.

Eplì - Ecologica

Eplì is


Eplì, the apple that respects the environment, is the result of painstaking, conscious and clean agricultural methods.
The Lagnasco Group has selected an apple that is naturally resistant to parasites, thus significantly reducing treatments for crops.

Eplì - Giusta

Eplì is


Eplì arrives from the field to the consumer in just a few steps. Hence, the Lagnasco Group can guarantee a fair price, respecting the work of producers and the interests of consumers.

Eplì - Gentile

Eplì is


Eplì loves beauty that can be expressed through music, art and sport and undertakes to promote it, every day, with concrete actions everyone can enjoy.