“Piccolo Concerto per Mele Gentili” (A little concert for kind apples)

“Piccolo Concerto per Mele Gentili” (A little concert for kind apples)

On Saturday 14 October at 11.30am in the Eplì orchards of Gangotta Sottana, between Busca and Dronero, a Celtic harp concert took place that was organised by the harpist Irene Munari.

The concert was organised to celebrate the beginning of the red apple harvest, which embodies important ethical and social values in its DNA.

“The Eplì project – explains Simone Bernardi, President of the Lagnasco Group – was set up knowing that it is necessary to create added value, which can guarantee, with a fair and right price, the work of those who produce and sell while also respecting consumers.”

Eplì is a good apple, with a regular shape and smooth bright red peel. Its flesh is creamy yellow and its fragrance pleasantly sweet and fresh.
Thanks to the innate resistance of the tree to scab, human intervention in cultivation is reduced, which means more respect for the natural balance of the environment and more wellbeing for everyone.

The event took place in collaboration with the Museo dell’Arpa Victor Salvi (Victor Salvi Harp Museum) in Piasco.